Happy Spring!

I don't know about your area, but in my neck of the USA the winter was hard and the warm weather was a long time coming.

Seems like it's finally here for good, though!  WooHoo!

I've been busy these last few months getting a lot of writing done.  Hope everyone out there has been getting things accomplished, too.

Always too much to do and too little time, right?

Well. hopefully you'll be able to unwind a little bit with a good story or two.  Whether it's in a movie theater (Avengers: Age of Ultron anyone???) or in the pages of a good book, I wish you success in relaxing and letting your mind escape the hassles and/or boredom of routine everyday life.

Again, Happy Spring to everyone!  Come back once in a while to check for more updates on both of my series:  Roadhouse Country and Lawston Love.

Lisa Lewis

I live in the Hudson Valley region of upstate NY with my husband, our two daughters, and three cats.  With two young children at home - possibly three if I want to count my husband (LOL) - I don't really have much time to write.  However, I DO make progress, slowly and steadily.  Really, I do.  ;-)

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